Best Western Bowery Hanbee
Chinatown, NYC

(Opening – Asian owners)

No matter what type of project, circumstances or goal:

– Workout – A Non-performing loan – A Receivership –

– Turnaround Management – Pre-Opening and Opening – Takeover – Management

To be successful basic requirements must be in place and met consistently.

  • The exterior and all public areas give the first impression and must be in top condition and maintained.
  • Guest rooms, apartments and offices have to be pleasant and comfortable and in top conditions, meeting guest expectations.
  • Associates and their appearances have to be well trained and motivated.
  • A realistic operating budget, capital improvement and a marketing and sales plan, smart revenue management technique and internet marketing strategies must be in place, monitored and adjusted consistently.
  • Policies, systems and procedures, must be in place and adhered to.
  • In-debt knowledge and understanding of each brand’s established operational and quality standards have to be fully understood and adhered to.
  • Internal controls, income and expenses must be audited consistently.
  • End of the month reports and financial statements have to be available.
Ramada Renaissance
Minnetonka, MN
(Completed Opening)





Hagen Voelkers, CHA, CFBE
32 Rooney Avenue, Albany, NY 12205

Amicus Management, Inc.
500 Cascade West Parkway
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
(616) 954-2000